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I really admire my mother. She raised two kids while having a super successful career in the Education Department in Connecticut. Like all moms, she’s invincible and she’ll live forever.

Last year however, I visited her and she drove me home from the airport. Scary ride. The confidence she had behind the wheel when I was 18 just wasn’t there anymore. And so I had “that” moment – the one when you realize your mom’s getting older. And then I started thinking further down the line. I live in California, she lives in Connecticut. What happens when she needs help with daily activities like getting around the house, doing simple chores, and driving? I never want my mom to have to leave the home she loves.

Turns out there are 40 million people in the US who are caring for an elderly person at any given time. And not surprisingly, 90 percent of seniors want to “age in place.” I learned there’s an entire industry dedicated to providing in-home care for folks who want to stay at home. They help with activities of daily living like getting out of bed, preparing meals, and staying in touch with friends. But I also learned that the current solution is very broken – not one I could trust with my mother’s care.

honor logo

Today we’re announcing Honor – a service that makes it easy for our collective moms and dads to stay in their own homes as long as they please. We are reinventing what’s currently thought of as “in-home care” for seniors.

Honor has four big differences from traditional in-home care solutions:

1. Simplicity: You tell us what needs your parent or loved one has and we’ll automatically match you with an amazing Care Professional.

2. Visibility: The senior, the family and the Care Professional are always connected through our platform. You and your parents are always in the know.

3. Flexibility: You can get Honor for as little as 1 hour per week. No commitment or minimums. Now you can get someone to just drop by and make sure Dad’s doing ok.

4. Trust & Safety: Every Care Professional is deeply background checked and personally vetted. Beyond that, Honor’s technology is constantly monitoring to ensure performance. Only 5 percent of applicants have been allowed onto the platform.

So how does Honor work?

First, you tell us about your parents’ or loved ones’ needs. We will then match the best Care Professional for your parents. Seniors receive the Honor Frame, a beautiful appliance that sits in their home and makes them active participants in their care. It informs them about things like who their Care Professional is and asks for feedback about their experience.

caregiver ratings

Families can download Honor onto their cell phones. Once installed, Honor will let family members know who visited their loved ones, how long they spent in the home, and what activities they did. And you can of course provide feedback, too.

Family App screenshots

Finally, we care deeply about those who care for our parents. Honor gives Care Professionals the tools to deliver the absolute best care possible, from a care plan individualized to each senior to enabling easy communication with their customers. Equally important – we’re dramatically increasing Care Professionals’ earnings. Where the current industry average is $9.50 per hour – we’re bringing that up to at least $15 per hour. We need to care for, respect, and enable those who care for our seniors.

caregiver App screenshots

I can think of no better way to spend my time. Part of tackling such an important problem is lining up an amazing team of people to bring real change. We have an incredible team of folks working in our office every day to deliver seniors and their families access to amazing care. And we have a fantastic group of folks who believed in us enough to invest their time and money, starting with Marc Andreessen, who invested $15M and joined our board of directors. A group of incredible people have collectively invested another $5M, the full list of folks can be found below. Each and every one of them is committed to helping our parents – and yours – access the best care through Honor.

Honor Leadership

Honor leadership from left to right: Cameron Ring, Sandy Jen, Renato Valdés Olmos, Seth Sternberg, Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Monica Lo.

Honor is first launching in April in Contra Costa County, California and will soon expand to help seniors and their families throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

I hope you’re as excited as we are. At Honor, we believe that caring for our seniors should be a joy for everyone. I’m personally so excited that we’ll be bringing substantially better care to our parents, both by enabling Care Professionals to provide the level of service they have always wanted to, and also by seamlessly involving the full family. I look forward to this journey, and hope you’ll take it with us!

Seth Sternberg and his mother

PS – If you think we can help – jump on our waiting list!

Honor investors Adrian Aoun, Alex Rampell, Andreessen Horowitz, Andy Conrad, Baris Gultekin, Sen. Bob Kerrey, Bradley Horowitz, Brian Lee, Cash Warren & Jessica Alba, Craig Donato, Dave Johnson, Dave Morin, David Lieb, Homebrew, James Currier, Jeff Huber, Jeremy Stoppelman, Joe Greenstein, Kapor Capital, Laszlo Bock, Lee Linden, Lior Ron, Max Levchin, Max Ventilla, Mich Mathews, Mike Schroepfer, Miles Lasater, Munjal Shah, Nirav Tolia, Rock Health, Ron Johnson, Sam Schillace, Shishir Mehrotra, Todd Masonis, True Ventures, Wayne Crosby.

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