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We’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Honor Care Network!

An update and look back on an exciting year from Nita Sommers, President of Honor.

This has been a really exciting year for Honor, and we have a lot to celebrate. First and foremost, I want to thank our many Care Network Partners for joining us on this journey—and for trusting us to support their clients, their caregivers, and their business operations. Without our agency Partners, the Care Network would still just be an idea of how to deliver quality care at scale.

If you’re not familiar with the Honor Care Network, it’s a national network of independent home care agencies who, by partnering with Honor, get access to more caregivers, cutting-edge workforce management technology, a complete operations support team, and healthcare systems.

Our Vision for the Care Network

Our initial vision for the Honor Care Network was to make it much easier for our parents and grandparents, wherever they may live, to get reliable, high-quality care at home. We wanted to establish a new national standard for quality, so that anyone in any community who saw “Powered by Honor” would know that it meant high-quality, reliable home care you can trust. And we needed to find amazing local agencies to partner with us to make it happen, forward-thinking agency owners who wanted to work together to drive change and to improve the way non-medical home care is delivered.

In just one year, we’re very close to achieving this goal in our home state, California. With our Care Network Partners, we’re now delivering in-home care Powered by Honor in nearly every major market in the state. And we’re growing fast, in current markets and new markets.

We now have over 225 full-time employees working in our headquarters. Together with our Partners, we’re delivering care in more than 600 cities and towns across California, New Mexico, and Texas. And we have tripled the number of care hours served in the past 12 months.

This has been a huge year of growth for Honor and for our Partners, who on average have grown 30% in just a few months after joining the Care Network. And the best part? As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to maintain our very high quality of care for clients and their families. We closely monitor client satisfaction among Honor clients and Honor Care Network clients, and both rate us at a 4.86 out of 5.0 stars in overall satisfaction. We’re so pleased to know our clients are happy with Honor’s service—and that our Partners are happy with us and this partnership model. In fact, 100% of our Care Network Partners recommend working with Honor.

When we launched the Honor Care Network in Fall of 2017, we knew we had a strong value proposition that would appeal to smaller home care agencies. We had talked to many agency owners around the country and had a good understanding of the challenges and pain points they face, often struggling with caregiver recruiting, retention, and increased back-office compliance and administration.

What we didn’t anticipate—and have been thrilled to see—is that our Care Network partnership model is also very appealing to larger agencies. They too see the benefits of handing their caregiver recruiting and workforce management off to Honor and letting us take over their back office operations. Partnering with Honor offers an entirely new model for growth, allowing agency owners to focus more on new market expansion and relationships with clients and referral partners in their community.

Meet Our Newest Partners

So who is joining the Honor Care Network? Agencies of impressive size, caliber, and reputation in their respective service areas. Here are a few of our newest Care Network Partners. Continuing our expansion in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve partnered with TheraCare in Redwood City and the East Bay. We also have recent partnerships in three new markets: Help Unlimited in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties; Indecare in Sacramento; and 4Ever Young Living in Orange County.

Next, we’re focusing on further expansion in new and existing markets in the Southwest. To support that rapid growth, Honor has just opened a new operations center in Austin, Texas to provide additional capacity to our current operations center in Concord, California. And very soon we’ll be announcing new Care Networks partnerships in a brand new state for Honor.

If you are an established agency owner who believes in the power of collaboration and innovation, we’d love to talk. By partnering and providing care together, we can help more families find the qualified caregivers they need and get the care experience they want. We hope you’ll join us!

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