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HHCN Capital + Strategy

Washington, District of Columbia

March 25, 2020

Honor Speakers: Nita Sommers

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San Francisco ENDWELL Emerging Ventures Day

December 6, 2019

San Francisco, California

ENDWELL Emerging Ventures Day

Honor Speaker: Seth Sternberg

Honor CEO Seth Sternberg will be a panelist at ENDWELL’s Emerging Ventures Day, a gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders in the emerging advanced aging and end-of-life fields. The goal of the event is to stimulate innovation, investment, and interconnection across this growing sector.

Nita Sommers HHCN Capital + Strategy

March 25, 2020

Washington, District of Columbia

HHCN Capital + Strategy

Honor Speaker: Nita Sommers

Honor President Nita Sommers will be a panelist at the Capital + Strategy Conference presented by Home Health Care News. This event addresses an array of issues facing the home care, home health, and hospice industries—including M&A, new service lines, joint ventures, and more.

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