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Join a talented and determined team of Engineers.

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Our core Engineering approach

Our approach is centered around uplifting people and planning for change. We think this is only fitting since home care in itself is all about personal connection and navigating transitions.

1. We care about care

Having a mission-oriented team enables us to move faster, be more direct, and trust each other in the work we’re doing. We have veterans who have been here for 6+ years as founding Engineers and Designers who are still pushing our mission forward.

2. We do our best work together

There’s no shortage of people willing to drop what they’re doing to help you work through a problem, sharing new knowledge or perspective. We love helping and motivating each other to do great work, and genuinely enjoy spending (virtual) time together too.

Engineering and Design volunteering with SF Village

3. We push ourselves to grow

We challenge everyone on the team to gain expertise and have an impact on a broad swath of workflows, product domains, and tech stack. This not only ensures we solve problems holistically, it’s also a great opportunity for individual growth.

4. Our love language is iteration

Most of the products we build are for Honor employees whose workflows are constantly evolving. What’s great is that we can get instantaneous feedback on our products, enabling us to build incrementally and ship quickly with confidence.

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Our focus is on care logistics

We build internal tools that are not only specific to our industry, but specific to the way Honor works. The primary products we work on are a web app for our operations team, native apps for our caregivers, and a web app for our care agency partners.

What’s Drawing Engineers to Elder Tech?
Honor Internal tool and Care Pro App product screenshots

Why we work at Honor

It’s the team—the people we work with—that keep us at Honor. Meet two of our veteran teammates who'll share why they find this team so special.

I’m constantly growing and learning from others.

Anuli Kshetramade, Engineering Manager and Engineering Lead, shares what keeps her motivated and growing at Honor.

I get to work with awesome people everyday.

Ned Fox, Senior Engineering Manager and iOS Lead, highlights his favorite aspects of Honor that have stayed consistent his 6+ years here.

Frequently asked questions

How would you describe the team culture?

Our culture is rooted in empathy and collaboration. We love building products that help our clients (seniors) as well as our caregivers (primarily women of color), both historically marginalized classes underserved by design and technology. We believe the best solutions come from leveraging different perspectives and strengths so we are constantly pulling in one another to vet our thinking. We work closely with Design and PM throughout a project lifecycle, gaining a closer view on how other teammates work through challenges, and contribute to early discussion on product approaches and implementation strategies.

What do you work on?

Our product is a human experience (a caregiver providing care). As a product team, our job is to solve the complex logistics of delivering that experience. Here are two examples of some exciting projects we’ve worked on recently. First, a new performance view in the Honor Care Pro app: A key challenge we face at Honor is how to best manage and motivate a large, distributed workforce. One way we do this is by delivering more transparency to our caregivers to better enable them to do great work. In this project, we provided caregivers a view in their app that showed their performance on several key dimensions, giving them a clear, shared framework for evaluating their performance and celebrating their hard work. It seems small but this was a huge innovation for the industry. Another exciting project was our in-house analytics infrastructure: This was an Engineering-led project that was both technically challenging but also an opportunity for our technical leads to put on their PM hats and drive the project forward through multiple iterations. Engineers are expected to set up their own analytics for projects but we lacked the infrastructure to do this quickly and efficiently over time. We had to dig into our own pain points to uncover the simplest, impactful solution to our use cases. We didn’t need a robust system to handle a crazy amount of data for generic use, we simply needed to support our own scale of data ingestion.

What makes someone successful?

We’re a team of passionate problem-solvers. We value strong, lightweight approaches that enable us to move on to the next big challenge. We prioritize simple solutions that resonate with our users, not the latest trending technologies or design. If you too like working with other people to solve complex logistical problems, care about the quality and impact of your work, and are proactive in filling in gaps you’ll accomplish a lot at Honor.

What does a typical day look like?

Typically we start our days reviewing some code diffs, which is a small opportunity to take a look at what other folks are working on and what other problems are being tackled. Pod stand ups happen daily in the late morning/early afternoon with your cross-functional team. Then we typically break out to do some project work, either heads down coding time or some pairing to work through Engineering designs. Overall we are meeting-lite, but may have some sprinkled throughout the day to sync on in-progress tasks or discuss future goals with PM and Product Design. Occasionally we’ll have meetings with other Engineers cross-pod to talk about larger infrastructure projects or handovers.

Can I work from anywhere?

We are hiring talented team members that can work from anywhere in the U.S. You have the opportunity to join a team remotely or pop into a satellite office occasionally based on where you live. Either way, we’re building a new way to stay connected, share ideas, and get more done—wherever you live.