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Partnering with Honor lets you leverage our sophisticated technology and operational expertise to grow your business more effectively and provide even better care for your clients, patients, and residents.

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What is the Care Network?

Take a look and hear from the Care Network partners themselves.

Why Partner with Honor?

Honor is now the largest home care provider in the San Francisco Bay Area and one of the fastest growing in the country. We’re investing at unprecedented levels, developing advanced operational capabilities to deliver non-medical care with exceptional quality and reliability. We want to share our resources and what we’ve built with you.

Honor offers a web app and mobile/iPad app to help you manage your business.
  • Home Care Partners
  • Health System Partners

When you join our select community of strategic partners, you’ll get operational support from Honor, freeing up more time to spend with your clients and to grow your business. You’ll also get access to many new resources, including our Honor Family App, Partner Community, Care Coordination Platform, and Growth Optimization Program.

With fewer operational challenges, you’ll be able to do more of what you do best—provide an amazing client care experience. If you’re an independent home care company or post-acute provider looking to move into home care or to expand your home care service, Honor can help.

We work to understand your unique operational needs, then customize our partnership to meet those needs. Before, during, and after the transition, Honor provides dedicated support teams to help you and to ensure your clients get seamless care and customer service.

A better way to care.

Honor caregiver reading with one of our customers

Better for Clients

When you’re not burdened with all the day-to-day operational challenges of running a home care company, you’ll have more time for your clients. You’ll be able to build and nurture those relationships, provide hands-on care management, and have more in-person visits so you can stay ahead of your clients’ changing needs. Your clients will get detailed notes via email and our app after each visit so they can stay informed about their loved one.

Honor caregiver reviewing their account within our mobile app

Better for Caregivers

Your caregivers will become Honor Care Pros, getting additional training, 24/hr support, weekly pay, and eligibility for benefits that most small companies can’t afford to offer. And our app will help them be even better at their job by providing detailed information about each client before care visits, plus disease-specific care guidelines informed by the experts, including the Alzheimer’s Association and American Cancer Society.

Honor caregiver working diligently with one of our customers

Better for You

Get the operational support you need (billing, payroll, insurance, compliance, logistics, etc.) so you can focus on your clients and provide amazing care management. Stabilize your margin and grow your business more effectively with reduced risk. Learn from Honor and our other partners as we share experiences, expertise, and best practices to strengthen the industry and improve quality care. Get your evenings, weekends, and life back.

What our partners say.

We spent 3 months getting to know Honor prior to us joining the Care Network. They have listened to what makes our agency special in the marketplace and adjusted their core offerings to complement Caring Hands Caregivers. The quality of the teams that support us is amazing. And our core values align, which was a critical test for us before moving forward with this partnership. Our top priority has always been—and continues to be—quality client care.

Scott Stanley, Owner and President, Caring Hands Caregivers

This is a life changing event for me—and for people like me. Itʼs huge to have much less operational and compliance burden and to be able to continue to do the work we love with seniors. Youʼve made it as easy as you possibly can and thought of every detail ahead of time. Weʼre so excited to have the operational support and larger pool of quality caregivers at our disposal—itʼs an incredible opportunity to be a part of professionalizing the home care industry on a larger scale.

Meredith Caplin, Founder and CEO, CSS Home Care

We’ve been in this industry since 2006—and home care is changing. The caregiver shortage is real. Over the past few years, weʼve been spending an inordinate amount of time recruiting, hiring, and managing our caregivers to maintain the quality of our care. By partnering with Honor and having them take over a lot of our operational headaches, we can now focus on not only delivering an exceptional client experience but also expanding our business.

Laurie Miller, President, Apple Care and Companion

Join our Care Network.

By working together, we can develop innovative ways to help make affordable care accessible and avoid the looming home care crisis. We can share our learning and expertise, employ and train more caregivers, and strengthen the industry—providing better care for our rapidly growing population of older adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the value of partnering with Honor?

    When you join Honor’s Care Network, you’ll be joining forces with other leaders in health and home care who are committed to improving the quality of care for older adults.

    If you’re a Home Care Partner, you’ll get more time to focus on delivering the best possible care experience to your clients, plus guidance to help grow your business through our Growth Optimization Program.

    If you’re a Health System Partner, you’ll be able to extend your Care Team to include Honor’s expert trained Care Pros and improve your operations and patient experience, reducing the risk of unnecessary readmissions.

    By joining Honor’s Care Network, you’ll not only benefit your clients, caregivers, and business, you’ll also contribute to positive changes in the industry as a whole—most importantly, ensuring quality care for our parents, grandparents, and older loved ones.

  • What does Honor look for in a partner?

    We’re looking for partners who are passionate about their clients, want to grow in innovative ways, have organizational values aligned with ours—and a strong reputation in their local market. Some of our partners are non-medical home care providers like us. Others provide different types of care or other services for older adults, such as rehab, assisted living, and hospice care.

  • If my company or organization is not based in your service areas, could I still become a partner?

    Yes. We’re selecting strategic partners in all of our current service areas—San Francisco Bay Area, greater Los Angeles, Albuquerque, and Dallas—as well as in new markets. If you’re based in another U.S. market, we’d love to talk.

  • Does Honor partner with companies that provide products or services other than health or home care for older adults?

    While we’re focused on partnering with organizations that provide care across the continuum, we’re always interested in learning about other types of businesses and exploring new ways to work together.

  • Who do I contact if I’m interested?

    Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. Our team will review your inquiry and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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