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Aging Experts and Baby Boomer Myths

Every day we try to learn something new. We learn not only from our clients and our business partners, we also read and watch. A lot. Stories about caregiving, in the broadest sense, seem to be everywhere. It’s hard to know where to focus, what to read, what to skim—and what to skip. Honor Radar points you to stories of real quality—the most interesting and influential, the most uplifting and unexpected pieces of the week. We scan the news and the net so you don’t have to. If you discover something we’ve missed, let us know. We’ll put it Honor Radar.


Follow the leaders

50 People Who Are Changing How We Age—And Think About Aging – Next Avenue

Meet the men and women who are raising awareness, discourse, expectations, and standards for how we age—Next Avenue’s most influential people for 2015. It’s an impressive and inspiring group of leaders who not only think but act—doctors, professors, inventors, entrepreneurs, politicians, philanthropists, activists, and more. Individuals we should all be following—in every sense of the word.

Photo Credit: Michaela Rehle, Reuters

Nursing home nightmare

Where Seniors Go When Their Nursing Homes Close – The Atlantic

Older adults don’t like to move—even when home is a nursing home. “When assisted-living facilities shut down, their elderly residents have to scramble for a new home—and health and financial concerns can make it hard to find a fit.” One more scary thing about nursing homes that even we hadn’t thought of.

Boomer has it… Or maybe not

Five Myths About Baby Boomers – The Washington Post

“There are 75.4 million baby boomers in the United States, people from 51 to 69 years old.” See what we’ve been getting wrong about them for years. For starters, they’re not all about their own happiness. “Some have to leave their jobs to be full-time caregivers.” Our favorite myth (and one we are proving false every day): 4. Boomers are technology-challenged.


Survey says… Yikes!

Americans Aren’t Prepared To Be Caregivers for Their Parents – Financial Advisor

A recent survey, funded by Northwestern Mutual and conveniently named C.A.R.E. (Costs, Accountabilities, Realities, Expectations), reveals what we already know: Most are anxious about the cost of caring for their aging parent(s), and few are financially prepared. What caught our eye about this piece was not just survey results like “60 percent say caregiving makes them feel they are doing the right thing and 48 percent say it lets them return the care they received earlier in life.” but also that a small magazine read exclusively by money managers and professional financial planners picked it up off the Newswire. We recommend adding an “S” for Seriously and “D” for Denial and renaming the survey S.C.A.R.E.D..

Honor Radar Blip

Old people Netflix & Chill – Funny or Die

Get freaky with Ed Asner and Doris Roberts on Funny Or Die. Two veteran TV comedians—still at the top of their game at ages 85 and 90—give us a sneak peek into old-people date night. In just four minutes, they effortlessly skewer perceptions of old people, viral marketing, click-bait content platforms, churnalism, and young-people trends.

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