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Announcing SAGE/2019 – Building Better Ways to Age

SAGE/2019, a new annual conference hosted by Honor, is where innovators, ideas, and action come together. Join us!

What if we could get the best minds in our industry in one room for a day? What if we could discuss the greatest challenges older adults face—how to age in place safely, maintain health, wellness, and independence, avoid isolation, find affordable care? What if, together, we could inspire new ideas, new solutions, new ways of collaborating—and take action to improve how we age?

Now we can. And you’re invited! Announcing SAGE/2019, a new conference hosted by Honor.

We’re thrilled to launch SAGE/2019, a day-long conference on September 10th in Southern California, bringing together thinkers and doers, innovators and entrepreneurs, academics and leaders in healthcare and home care. SAGE/2019 is about sharing our collective wisdom, working together to develop innovative new solutions for better aging, and driving real change.

Every day, 10,000 people in the U.S. turn 65, with projections showing our population of older adults to triple by 2060. How we care for our aging population is one of the most daunting and important challenges we face as family members, as community builders, as leaders in our industry. And we can’t solve this problem alone.

It’s too vast and too complicated. And the clock is ticking.

To meet this challenge as an industry, now is the time to increase collaboration and explore partnerships within the broader aging community. SAGE/2019 creates an ideal opportunity for us to come together and work together.

By gathering a diverse group of leaders to learn and collaborate, we can inspire innovation and action. And it starts with our dynamic speakers. SAGE/2019 will feature speakers from across the care continuum and beyond—physicians, policy experts, technologists, health and home care executives, and many more. They will bring unique perspectives and insights on topics like care management, care integration, social views on aging, how we’ll pay for care, and how advocacy can advance care that maintains dignity for older adults.

SAGE/2019 conference

Meet a few of our featured speakers.

The SAGE/2019 lineup is packed with thought leaders from across the care continuum. Meet three of our featured speakers.

  • Dr. Christine Cassel, a geriatric medical expert with decades of experience in healthcare. Throughout her career, she has held leadership roles at a number of healthcare organizations including Kaiser Permanente, the American Board of Internal Medicine, and UCSF where she currently serves as the Presidential Chair of the School of Medicine. Dr. Cassel was among 20 scientists to serve on President Barack Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology during his presidency. At SAGE/2019, she’ll share her perspective on home care integration within the broader care continuum.
  • Trevor O’Neil is an Anaheim City Councilman, business owner, and home care advocate with a diverse background in home care and politics. As owner and operator of Colonial Home Care, former Board Member of the California Association for Health Services at Home, and former Board Member of the Home Care Association of America’s Southern California chapter, O’Neil is a veteran of the home care industry and a public policy advocate, which ultimately motivated his career as an elected official. On stage at SAGE/2019, he’ll discuss the critical role that advocacy plays in home care.
  • Loren Shook, Co-Founder and CEO of Silverado, which operates communities for memory care, hospice, and home care in 55 locations across the U.S. As Silverado’s leader, Shook is a pioneer of new models for senior living that provide a high quality of life for older adults. He serves on the Board of Directors at Argentum, Covenant Health Network, and the American Seniors Housing Association, and on the Board of Councilors at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. At SAGE/2019, Shook will share his insights on creative, new living models for older adults.
Portofino Hotel & Marina, the venue for SAGE/2019.

Portofino Hotel & Marina, the beautiful venue for SAGE/2019.

Join us—and be a part of the solution.

SAGE/2019 is where innovators, ideas, and action come together. We hope you’ll join us in September, get in on the conversation, and work with us to develop viable, creative solutions to the most pressing problems in aging.

Check back for conference updates and sneak peeks of our speaker lineup over the next few months.

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